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The Nest is an independent coffee shop in the hart of Southampton with a tasteful selection of vegan lunch and doughnut flavours paired with delicious coffee.

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Our first store opened its doors on London Road in November 2020, and followed by building an amazing community of more than amazing customers, we were fortunate enough to expand to our second store, which opened in November 2022 in Portswood.

The Nest Coffee House is the first and only place in the city of Southampton to offer handmade artisan doughnuts of a wide range of flavours - and all of them are vegan! Our team of dedicated bakers prepare all of the doughnuts sold in our stores fresh every morning and use their creativity to bring you an exciting menu if different flavours every month. From the classic raspberry doughnut and cinnamon swirl bake which grace our display every day to the ever changing extravaganza of beautifully decorated plain and filled doughnut treats. Get ready for the incredible flavour combinations you never knew you needed.


The savory food is prepared in store with care and attention to bringing our customers a varied options of tasty bagels filled with tasty chorizo, ham, chicken, and  falafels, all of which are deliciously paired with soft cheese, hummus, olives, tomatoes, salad, pickles, hot sauce and much more. Discover our combinations of flavours in both of our stores.


The coffee at The Nest is locally sourced and extracted with care by trained barista bringing out the natural caramel taste of every espresso. We pair our espresso-based drinks with a wide options of milk at no extra charge - whether you like dairy, oat, coconut, soy or almond milk, we've got you covered.


In addition, we offer a wonderful selection of fruity soft drinks, refreshing lemonades, sweet iced teas, creamy milkshakes and healthy smoothies made in store with nothing but fruit and your choice of apple juice or oat milk. For the rainy days, why not try our range of classic teas and healthy lattes - pick from beetroot, matcha, turmeric and sweet potato flavours or go crazy and just try them all.



To place custom orders, please contact our bakers directly via email. For all other enquiries, please 'dough not' hesitate to visit our contact page.


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