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The coffee at The Nest is locally sourced and extracted with care by trained barista bringing out the natural caramel taste of every espresso. The blend is provided by Dockers Coffee Co - a trusted roasters of high-quality coffee blends available across Hampshire and the rest of the UK. Their beans come from some of the best coffee farms around the globe, which is then roasted in small batches and brought to the baristas at The Nest, who work their magic bringing out it's best chocolate and caramel flavours.


If black coffee is not your favourite choice of caffeine-induced pick-me-up, then choose between creamy latte, silky flat white or cozy cappuccino. We pair our espresso-based drinks with a wide options of milk at no extra charge - whether you like dairy, oat, coconut, soy or almond milk, we've got you covered.

We offer a wonderful selection of fruity soft drinks, refreshing lemonades, sweet iced teas, creamy milkshakes and healthy smoothies made in store with nothing but fruit and your choice of apple juice or oat milk. For the rainy days, why not try our range of classic teas and healthy lattes - pick from beetroot, matcha, turmeric and sweet potato flavours or go crazy and just try them all.


At The Nest we care about the environment and sustainability. We source our coffee locally, support the businesses around our city and recycle everything we can. We focus on plant-based food and everything made in our bakehouse is vegan. We also offer a wide range of alternative milk options, for which we add no extra charge - choose from oat, coconut, almond or soy for free!


However, the big differences are only achieved when we get together to create a true impact. As meaningful as our sustainability pledge of recycling and local sourcing of ingredients is, this is how you can help.


Please BRING YOUR OWN TAKEAWAY COFFEE CUP. We promise it will make a huge difference to our Mama Earth. In the UK alone we dispose of 2.5 billion cups annually. The friendly baristas at The Nest are always happy to pour your favourite hot or cold takeaway drink in your own cup. We will even rinse it out for you, if you haven't had the time to do so before your visit. Not only will this help save the planet we all love, but it will also save you £0.25.

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