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Did you know you could place custom orders with the bakers of The Nest?

The Nest Coffee House is the first and only place in the city of Southampton to offer handmade artisan doughnuts of a wide range of flavours - and all of them are vegan! Our team of dedicated bakers prepare all of the doughnuts sold in our stores fresh every morning and use their creativity to bring you an exciting menu of different flavours every month.​

In addition, we can also prepare handmade custom orders for events. From wedding doughnuts, to a variety of cupcakes, a wide range of brownies, fruit-induced tarts and special bakes to our famous doughnut letters for occasions such as special days and birthdays - what a better way to celebrate the best moments in life than with artisan desserts?!

Cupcakes by The Nest

The talented bakers at the kitchens of The Nest handcraft delicious cupcakes with irresistibly tasting frosting, soft base, a creamy filling and picturesque decorations.

Cakes by The Nest

The Nest pioneers at more than doughnut making and vegan cakes are indeed among our strongest suits. Handmade at custom order our cakes an have multiple levels and strong flavours that just about make us all insatiable.

Doughnut Letters by The Nest

Long before sunrise, the creative team in the bakehouse of The Nest is able to skillfully handcraft custom letters for the special days and the even more special people in your life.

Brownies by The Nest

Ever dreamt of a vegan brownie that was still moist and deliciously creamy? We can actually make those. No, but for real. And we've also got a mix of flavours to prove it.

Tarts by The Nest

These gorgeous additions to our bakehouse treats, never cease to amaze us with their  stunning look ad artistic fillings. Available to order to cater a variety of evets.