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NOVEMBER 27, 2018

Xuitcasecity storm the music radar and release a new track

Faithful to their 1,75+ million fans XXC drop a brand-new track music video ‘Not Nice’, alongside the release of their sophomore album ‘CXTY NIGHTS’  

If you lined up at the Mainstage during Electric Zoo 2018, you are well-familiar with the unique music of Xuitcasecity (pronounced Suitcase City). The LA-based music duo unifies electro, pop and hip-hop sounds with digital notes, which offer authentic records with a nostalgic twist. Brought together by social media in 2012, singer Mike Gomes and rapper Cam Young currently generate over 8 million Spotify streams. The XCC group has previously toured and worked with top industry artists including The Chainsmokers, Zedd, G-Eazy, Vicetone, Cheat Codes, Lost Kings, Codeko and DVBBS.

“We used to focus so hard on trying to find a specific sound that was fresh yet unique. What we realized is, if we just do exactly what we love, that’s when we create the best music and it resonates with people the most.”

Since last year’s release of Xuitcasecity’s debut EP ‘INDXGO’, the music duo has been on a high note. The 2017 ‘Bout You’ track, reached number 36 on Billboard’s Rhythmic Songs chart. The upbeat single ‘Not Nice’ debuted on 16th November 2018, generating a growing fanbase. The vibrant melody and lyrics are the work of Cam Young, while Pink Sweat$ joins this contemporary track. Mike and Cam speak highly of their collaboration with the Philadelphia-based singer, who released ‘Not Nice’ as the very first single on his page.

The song release is part of the group’s fresh new ‘CXTY NIGHTS’ sophomore album, which can be found on Spotify and Apple Music. According to XUITCASECITY, ‘Not Nice’ is all about the “endless road blocks on the path to success” and the importance of striving to overcome these.

“One thing we can both say is—stay true to your roots and don’t lose faith. There’s going to be endless roadblocks on your path to success, just find another way.”

Unique through their diversity and craft, the biracial pair is devoted to breaking boundaries, climbing the Billboard charts and topping Spotify playlists including ‘Discovery Weekly’ and ‘New Music Friday’. Young music producers and recording artists Mike and Cam, are generous with their fanbase. The pair already gave their audience a taste of their new EP through the release of the popular ‘Die Young’, ‘Waiting For’ and ‘Famous’ tracks. Honest, original and creative, Xuitcasecity’s music crafts numerous genres into each of their tracks, reaching wide audiences.

The background of the XCC duo is equally intriguing as their current success. Mike Gomes was born in Rhode Island, Cam Young in the similarly small north-eastern state New Jersey. Both spent much of their teenage years on Florida. Mike aspired to become a baseball player before picking up a guitar, while Cam grew up with Hip Hop and free-styling. Later he fell in love with the electronic sounds and recorded three albums in his high school years, which he gave out to friends for free. Both guys communicated online and aspired for solo careers in different cities. Yet, Cam insisted on creating music together. It took him a few weeks and one demo track to convince Mike in the potential of forming a musical group.

The XUITCASECITY duo believes that “music is a universal language” and the constant changes in the music industry provoke almost inevitable commercialism. For the young readers of Stark Magazine, who face the challenges of the music industry, Mike and Cam state that success does not happen overnight.

“It is a marathon. It takes years of hard work and more lows than highs. There will be many times where you feel you’re at your breaking point, but you have to keep pushing forward and know deep down that this is what you were destined to do.”

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It was not until close to two and a half years ago when Mike and Cam collaborated and ‘Xuitcasecity’ was born. The concept was inspired by the Tampa neighbourhood in Florida, known as the “Suitcase City” and the living-on-the-move ideology the duo shared. Since then ‘Xuitcasecity’ has been spreading social positivity. The duo expresses future interest in charitable causes involving breast cancer, underprivileged/abused children, wildlife and renewable energy.

Among the upcoming goals of the group is a potential fashion merch line for their fans. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the band’s unique and brand-new music releases. Stay tuned for the 28th November’s release of the forthcoming ‘Unlikely’ music video. Contemporary and honest, the video aims to show people how precious time is. According to Mike and Cam:

“There’s two things you can never get back—that’s time and the moment after it’s passed. Be straight up and honest with people and this world would be a much better place! Sometimes the truth hurts and that’s just part of life.”

Today the XUITCASECITY music breaks boundaries and successfully blends a variety of genres into original, charts-worthy tracks. With the release of ‘Not Nice’ and ‘CXTY NIGHTS’ the group wishes to show their fans the importance of unify people rather than differentiating them through classes and racial backgrounds. We are sure ‘Not Nice’ will land among the forward chart positions, while the biracial duo reminds fans that ultimately where you start from and what you go through fade away compared to where you end up.

Follow Xuitcasecity on and Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Their new album ‘Cxty Nights’ is streaming now on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music.

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