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​​NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine is an independent, bi-annual, print-on-demand publication with a focus on cultural values and sustainable  travel. Through the work of journalists, artists and photographers, the magazine explores destinations around the world, a diversity of human heritage and the evolution of global cultural norms.

The content offers a mixture of traveling in a tourist manner and exploring the native side of destinations by recommendations of locals. NOMADSofORIGIN combines interviews with creative individuals, insightful features and in-depth conversations about global issues and changes.

I co-founded NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine alongside my sister, Emily Georgieva in 2019. The idea about the publication was originally discussed in 2018 when we both started working on creating the project. In a few months the magazine's website and media kit were officially released and the first print issue was available to purchase in print and digital


#01 The LAND Issue


#03 The NOMADIC Issue

#04 The ESCAPISM Issue

#05 The WANDERLUST Issue

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