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APRIL 25, 2018

Identity is a narrative to be built and maintained. And what better way to establish one than to start expressing oneself through your day-to-day life?

Lifestyle is a journey of experiences, emotions and tastes. Stark Magazine introduces you to a new brand of products that transmits wealth and freedom. Established in Lugano in 2016 Pacifique Avant Garde changed the face of the marked and brought ‘a new extra-sensorial dimension’ to the lifestyle of their customers.

Influenced by the creativity and lifestyle of his multicultural family, Daniel Mkongo created the Swiss brand with a mission to provide his customers with a status symbol for elegance and power. You can find Daniel on the cover of our last issue Autumn/Winter 2017. His sensational brand consists of a range of luxury products from teas to fragrances and candles. Consumers find themselves infused with confidence and freedom through the craftsmanship and innovation of each product.


Room No. 33​

Using only premium quality ingredients in collaboration with connoisseurs, Pacifique AV promises blends with the best tasting profiles in the world. Having established strong Ethical Partnerships, the brand introduces the carefully crafted Tea Selection designed and consisting only of hand-made products. The selection of blends is intended to match anyone’s taste. Pacifique AV offers teas such as the Energy Boost blend, made with guarana, dandelion, White Tea Mao Feng and other exotic ingredients. The Spicy Feelings tea is another addition crafted with cardamom, black Assam South Indian tea and other tasting notes such as licorice roots. But the luxurious craftsmanship of the Swiss brand doesn’t end there.

Pacifique Avant Garde also designs fragrances including the sexy Acid Bomb, the irresistible Hot & Spicy and the compelling scent, entitled The Beast. All fragrances are created through the collaboration with award-winning Nosologists in New York City. Combining fresh and sour, a complex mix of berries, leaves and spices, or bringing forward animalistic, dark and mysterious scents, these products bring more than a fragrance. They symbolise taste and sensation. In exchange for £87.99 consumers can infuse their individuality with a bold status symbol of self-confidence and wealth.

Daniel Mkongo and Pacifique Avant Garde welcomes you to identify yourself through tastes, memories and flavors. Experience the carefully crafted mixture of ‘luxury, welfare, art, music, fashion and design’. From the company that highly values taste and elegance, feelings are the key to customer satisfaction. Take on the journey brought to you by Swiss quality and intensify your lifestyle experience. Maintain your status with the Pacifique AV products, symbols of power emotions and freedom.

The Swiss brand also offers luxury for the home. Transforming the indoors into a journey to Barbados, a wood land or a cozy apartment has never been easier. The Pacifique AV candles assortment is made by Master Perfumers in France and hand-poured in each glass. With no artificial waxes or oil-based additives, the Pacifique candles burn fully without any smoke. For only £35.99, customers can purchase quality notes of Fleur de Sel, Caribbean sugar or the wild scent of Room No. 33. People from all over the world enjoy the products of a brand, lead by the belief that ‘It’s all about feelings!’. And now the readers of Stark Magazine can join them.

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